Damoon, an Expert Company in Iran’s Refrigeration Industry

DAMOON Co. was founded in 2013. We chose to be a different company, a company that achieves success by creating value for its customers. DAMOON is ready to strive, above all other companies, to be not only a “Reliable Supplier” but also a “Partner” for Iranian Factories.

We began our business with Refrigeration and A/C and gradually became a trusted partner in the country. So far over 2600 industrial factories in Iran have been our customers. Then we added chillers and cold storage to our products. In 2019, we started our partnership with CANTEK Turkey, as one of the most important companies in the cooling industry in the Middle East.

At the same time of being active in refrigeration, we set up DAMOON Oil & Gas Safety Equipment Department at 2014 and became the exclusive agent of FDC Co. in Iran. Then in 2018 and 2019 we extended our safety Department and gained the exclusive agency of SEWON Q&TECH Co.  & REZONTECH Co. We have been involved in many major projects so far, including the South Azadegan Oil Field Development Project, which is the second biggest oil field in the world.

“Our mission is to create long-term competitive advantage for our customers. We intent to help our customers to compete globally.”


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    We look forward to cooperate with International Companies in Iran’s Market.

     We also welcome people and businesses in neighboring countries who want to do business with Iran.

     Damoon Engineering & Manufacturing Co.

     Address: Number 14, Nik Alley,  South Mofatteh, Tehran, Iran

     Tel: +98 021 91005782  –  +98 021 88825782

      WhatsApp: +98 0920 401 4002

     Website: www.damoon-co.com

     General Enquiries: info@damoon-co.com

     Sales Enquires: n.ramezani@damoon-co.com (Ms.Negin Ramezani, Export Manager)

DAMOON Represents 4 Great companies in Iran.

 We only represent companies that are both great and unique.   

FDC Co. – South Korea

SEWON Q&TECH Co. – South Korea



REZONTECH Co. – South Korea

CANTEK – Turkey


Our Services

   ✔ Supplying Oil and Gas Safety Equipment

   ✔ Supplying Cooling and Air Conditioning Equipment

   ✔ Cold Storage Room Design and Construction

   ✔ Chiller Design and Construction (Production or Manufacturing)

Refrigeration and A/C Products

DAMOON Supplies Products from Almost all major Manufacturers of refrigeration-cycle products.


Cold Storage







Sandwich panel

Cold Storage Door




Copper Pipe and fittings




Oil & Gas Products

Rupture Disc (Bursting Disc)

Flame Detector



Explosion Panel

N2 Blanketing System



Breather Valve

Emergency Relief Hatch



Flame Arrestor

Sampling System



Registered Vendor Lists

DAMOON has been registered in most of the large and prestigious Iran industries such as:

✔   Iran Ministry of Petroleum (EP)

✔  Mobarakeh Steel Co.

✔  National Iranian Gas Co.

✔  Takhte Jamshid Pars Assalouye Petrochemical Co.

✔  National Petrochemical Co.

✔  Shazand Petrochemical Co.

✔  Iranian Central Oil Fields Co.

✔  Pars Petrochemical Co.

✔  Fajr Petrochemical Co.

✔  Setareh Khalije Fars Petroleum Co.

✔  MAPNA Group

✔  Shiraz Petrochemical Complex

✔  National Iranian Copper Industry Co.

✔  Well Head Equipment Technology Co. (WETCO)

✔  Esfahan Steel Co.

✔  South Pars Gas Co.


Major Customers

✔  National Iranian Oil Refining and Distribution Co.

✔  National Iranian Steel Co.

✔  South Zagros Oil and Gas Production Co.

✔  National Iranian Copper Industry Co.

✔  Takhte Jamshid Pars Assalouye Petrochemical Co.

✔  Vian Steel Complex

✔  Oil Industries’ Engineering and Construction OIEC

✔  Kayson Inc.

✔  Wellhead Equipment Technology Co. (WETCO)

✔  Electro Steel

✔  South Pars Gas Co.

✔  Mammut Industrial Group

✔  National Iranian South Oil Co.

✔  MAPNA Group

✔  Shazand Petrochemical Co.

✔  Khaybar Co.

✔  Cosar Pharmaceutical Co.

✔  Vitana Corporation

✔  Darou Pakhsh Pharmaceutical Co.

✔  Ofogh Kourosh Chain Stores (OKCS)

✔  ATA Airlines

✔ Kalleh Dairy

✔  OEIC Group

✔  Iran Dairy Industries (Pegah)